Maintenance is the key to good performance and is a factor in quality, safety, respect for deadlines and productivity.

In fact, it is essential for minimizing issues with your production tools.

 This is the reason why KITTNER offers you customized maintenance solutions (a maintenance contract) to meet your needs:

 · Distant support via telephone and/or online connection with the equipment

With our distant support, we can provide you 24/7 assistance for an answer to your technical questions concerning our equipment or resolving of emergency issues. We can provide in our equipment innovative solutions for rapid monitoring of the process and resolve of the issues only by internet connection. We have pre-prepared procedures for quick localization of the issues.

· Corrective maintenance to help you as soon as possible

With a signed maintenance contract, your repair requirements have the highest priority. Our service team will be with you within 24 hours plus travel time.

· Preventive maintenance for extending the life of your machines

Our preventive regular service and maintenance of the equipment, ensure that necessary repairs and technical defects are fixed before breakdowns occur. This means that you avoid costly repairs and downtime, and your line retains value over a longer period. 

· Warranty extensions of your equipment

With a signed maintenance contract, we can offer you an extension of equipment warranty. Warranty extension is related with good training, provided by our specialists and proper maintenance from the customer side, recommended in the operation manual.

· Availability of spare parts in stock

In order to minimize downtime, is required for the customer to have a short list of fast wearing parts as a maintenance set for replacement in stock. We can offer you availability in our warehouse and delivery of the required parts, within 48 hours after order (Monday to Friday).

 KITTNER maintenance contract is an optimal solution for preserving the safety, availability, and value of your equipment.

 Our authorized, qualified and regularly trained specialists will take care of the reliable operation of your equipment.



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